Victoria Plums!!!!

The Victoria plum has arrived at Wayside Farm Shop at last, hurrah!!!  As well as being the queen of all plums she is also the most popular so we shall hope to see you all soon.

We also have in –

  • YELLOW EGGS – the traditional plum of the area, yellow in colour and great for jamming and bottling.
  • PURPLE EGGS – the famous Pershore Purple Egg plum.  A good general all rounder, makes fabulous jam.
  • Greengage – green and round in colour.  This is a beautiful eater and great for all culinery purposes.
  • Damson – the classic!  Sour to eat but delightful to cook with, again makes delicious jam.

We are ourselves currently jamming as many plums as we can so if you don’t fancy making jam yourself we have plenty in store inhcluding – Laxton, Czar, Purple Egg, Yellow Egg, Greengage, Damson and Warwickshire Drooper.


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