Bills Challenge Chutney

What fun we had with Bill Granger making this chutney in our Farm  shop kitchen. .

Here is our own recipe for the chutney as made on the Gloucestershire episode of “Bills Tasty Weekends”

4lbs of red onions and large spanish onions

3lbs of firm red plums we used fresh Swan plums

(Bill used Pershore egg plums)

1 1/2 lbs of demerara sugar

2 pints  white white or cider vinegar.

2 oz  peeled and finley chopped root ginger

spices to include allspice berries about 10 and star anise about 4

a large pinch of salt!

Stone the plums and soak in a little of the vinegar and half of the sugar to draw out the juices.

Peel and cut onions in half lengthways then thinly slice put on low heat in pan with half sugar, salt  and  ginger root. Keep stirring and cook until soft and syrupy.

Using a pestle and mortar grind the star anise and allspice to release the flavours and make a spice bag so as the spices can be removed at the end of cooking.

When the onions have softened add the plums spice bag and the rest of the ingredients to the pan.

Cook down slowly reducing the liquid until you have a sticky mixture remove spice bag and pot in hot sterile jars and use vinegar proof  lids.


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