Our new Jelly!

Here at Wayside we have produced a new jam for the West Midlands Butterfly Conservation to celebrate and raise awareness for The Brown Hairstreak, one of Worcestershire’s rarest and most attractive butterflies.


Brown Hairstreaks lay their eggs on sloe bushes. When hedges are cut annually, eggs are lost. Butterfly Conservation is working with farmers to encourage less intensive hedge cutting which reduces workloads and creates more wildlife friendly hedges.

Our Hairstreak Jelly is made with sloes gathered from local blackthorn hedges by volunteers from West Midlands Butterfly Conservation, as well as apples and damsons.


Every jar sold raises money for conservation of the Brown Hairstreak butterfly and we are very pleased to be able to support this important cause.

For more information on butterfly conservation please have a look here:





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2 responses to “Our new Jelly!

  1. Got one, thanks – looking forward to trying it though Hairstreak Jelly sounds more like something from l’Oreal! Also loved your asparagus scones! http://rhbblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/asparagus-season/

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